Meet Our Team

Shri VP, Growth

A mental math champion at a young age, Shri is a founder of FlightCar and Fresh VC, which led Eaze's seed round of funding. He's the second most tenured employee and currently uses his quantitative, engineering background and acquired business acumen to lead growth at Eaze. When he's not at work, you might find him jamming out to techno, wearing his finest fur, lost in Black Rock City.

Noah VP, Live Operations

Noah spent the first part of his career in the entertainment industry. He joined his first startup in 2007 and has never looked back. After stints at companies including Yammer and MyHeritage, he joined Eaze in May 2015 to build out the Operations team. When he's not looking at dashboards, he enjoys bouldering, and spending time with his family.

Kyle Content Marketing Manager

A Bay Area native, Kyle began his career as a Program Director at the Bay Club while he attended UC Berkeley. He joined Eaze in June 2015 after graduating with a degree in Media Studies. Kyle initially managed and scaled Eaze’s brand ambassador teams on college campuses before stepping into his role as head of Social Media and Content Marketing. He is always down to go to a Giant’s game, hip hop concert, or a Marin beach.

William Concierge Team Lead

A native Californian, William joined the Eaze after graduating from San Francisco State University. Previously, he was working as an intern with the National Park Service. Now he is a Team Lead on our Concierge Experience Team, helping oversee and manage our customer support channels. Off the clock, William spends his time with friends and family and still visits national parks as often as possible.

Sheena Director, Consumer Communications

Sheena is our world-class PR manager and is the undisputed “best hair” champion of Eaze. She joins Eaze from ecommerce giant Alibaba where she managed corporate communications. When she's not getting Eaze covered in your favorite publication, you can find her on the soccer field, rocking fur at a morning dance party, or on a yoga mat.

Maurissa Director, Marketing Operations

A Boulder, CO native, Maurissa's art, tech, and fashion background brought her to San Francisco in 2010. Her experience in acquisition, social, and retention marketing at Shop It To Me, My Endless Wardrobe, and Kelty led her to Eaze to develop the VIP Program. She also leads launch and promotional strategy for Eaze's menu partners. Her off-duty hobbies include lots of ramen, summer Phish tours, yoga, and visits to wine country.


Before joining Eaze, Jim was the founder and CEO of Zinc (formerly Cotap) and CPO at Yammer, where he worked closely with Eaze founder Keith McCarty. His passion for cannabis, experience as an officer in the United States Air Force, and technology expertise make him uniquely positioned to lead Eaze through rapid industry growth. Jim enjoys playing competitive poker, traveling, and exploring new hiking trails.

Dan VP, Engineering

When he’s not traveling to faraway lands with his wife, climbing rocks, or hiking up mountains, Dan manages the Engineering Team at Eaze. He’s been a contributor to open source projects for the better part of a decade and was an early member of the Node.js community. Building systems for computers and humans is what he does best. Before Eaze, Dan led teams at Getable and Yammer. His two cats would like to say hi: kskdlfjs.

Siv Chief of Staff

Originally from Philadelphia, Siv is our friendly and talented Chief of Staff. When she isn't busy filling Eaze with tech's top talent, you can find her hard at work weight training or enjoying some online shopping (sometimes at the same time). She's certainly no stranger to adventure, having traveled all over Europe with just a backpack. Make sure to ask her about it during your phone interview!

Marco Director, Engineering

Marco moved to San Francisco half a decade ago, looking to be in the world’s tech epicenter. He leads Eaze’s Clients team, and despite his Italian heritage, he is not a fan of spaghetti code. He holds BA and Master’s degrees in Media Engineering, and spent time working for Optimizely prior to Eaze. He enjoys drinking wine, Trappist beer, and dirty martinis. Ask him about the time he tried to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a motorcycle.

Nick Engineering Manager

Nick grew up in Houston and then barely survived four winters at MIT. He joined Eaze as a front-end engineer in June 2016 after working as a full-stack engineer at Instacart and TheRealReal. Outside of work, he likes reading sci-fi/fantasy books, playing video games, and practicing MMA. He lost a cage fight in South Carolina back in 2012 and still dreams of moonlighting as a UFC fighter.

Jonah Staff Engineer

Jonah is a Staff Engineer at Eaze, where he calls himself a legacy code whisperer. Previously he worked at Sauce Labs and contributed to Appium, the open source mobile test automation framework. Specializing in Node.js, Jonah is originally from Michigan and has a passion for developer tooling. As far as he knows, he is the only Node.js developer who was paid in Bitcoin and issued invoices as JSON documents.

Paco Software Engineer

After a brief stint in the cut throat world of what was then known as "web design", Paco realized that he could fulfill his creative urges in mediums other than Photoshop, most notably technology. Ever since that realization, Paco has spent his working days developing UI layouts for several great companies, but none as cool as Eaze. During his free time, Paco enjoys discovering the great outdoors and dabbling in illustration.

Natasha VP, Product

Inspired by the end of cannabis prohibition, Natasha joined Eaze in September 2016. She previously led product teams at Amazon Prime Now, working on alcohol and 3rd-party merchant expansion, making Eaze a natural fit. She holds degrees from Duke (MBA) & Cal Poly (Engineering), and has also worked at Yelp and Freestyle Capital. When she's not shipping features, she is doing hot yoga, cooking up a vegetarian feast, or dancing with reckless abandon.

Scott Lead Photographer

Scott studied documentary film production at Loyola Marymount University, winning the award for "Best Documentary" with his senior film "Rosetta". Prior to joining Eaze, he produced photo and video content for Partnered, Billowby, XCOR Aerospace, Incredible Adventures, and more. Scott enjoys rock climbing, writing music, and exploring California.

Erica Senior Software Engineer

After working for large companies including Amazon and WalmartLabs, Erica joined Eaze as the first Android engineer. She is excited about building Eaze's mobile technology from the ground up! Erica lives in San Jose and spends most of her free time training and competing in powerlifting and Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Kyle Anne Senior Software Engineer

Kyle was born and raised in Myrtle Beach, SC and studied Computer Science at DePaul University in Chicago before making her way to the Bay Area. Before joining Eaze, she helped build the ad campaign platform at Flite. She currently lives in the East Bay with her cat, Squeaks, and enjoys trying new craft beers, fitness, watching pro-wrestling, and gaming.

Jay Senior Growth Manager

Jay was raised in the shadow of Mt. Rainier in the Pacific Northwest. After studying Economics at Western Washington University, he started his career in product management at Fisher Investments. The allure of technology pulled him to the adventurous world of ridesharing, where he joined Sidecar as the 5th employee. After 4 years of competing against Uber, Jay joined Eaze as the head of drivers. When not at work, Jay is usually in the mountains.

Emma Executive Services Manager

Emma ensures that the Executive Team has everything they need to be successful. From coordinating travel plans to masterminding epic company events, Emma is always there to support the team. She is an active mother of 2 boys, and enjoys traveling with her family. Emma’s dry British sense of humor shines on even the cloudiest days, constantly cracking her coworkers up.

Owen Director, Brand Development

Native Texan, Owen got his start in the burgeoning Austin tech scene. His last few years were spent in Boston as a consultant where he helped Fortune 500 brands bring their mobile marketing initiatives to life. He brings that same expertise to cannabis brands with a goal of fostering growth and market maturity. Point him towards the best Texas-style queso in town and you've made a friend for life.

Jimmy Director, Product Marketing

Originally from New Jersey, Jimmy began his career as a management consultant for Accenture. After escaping the land of suit-and-ties, he worked at Yammer, Hearsay Social, and Zenefits. He joined Eaze in March 2017 to kick-start the Product Marketing function. When he’s not at work, Jimmy enjoys playing tennis, watching basketball, and attempting to hip-hop dance.

Mick VP, Customer Engagement

Mick has built support teams for Yammer, Microsoft, Zendesk, Coinbase, and Bill's Squid Parts. (Kidding about the last one) He is a doting husband, a super fun Dad, a hip hop encyclopedia, vinyl addict, car nut, whiskey connoisseur, and an all-around pretty decent citizen.

Randall Senior Software Engineer

After moving to the San Francisco area from Orlando, Florida in 2011, Randall joined Eaze in April 2017 to help build out their services. Prior to joining Eaze, Randall worked as a senior developer for companies such as Clear Channel and DocuSign. He's excited to be working at Eaze and helping people get fast, affordable access to their medicine. When not working, Randall enjoys movies, games, and touring the Bay Area's many restaurants and bars.

Josh Senior Software Engineer

Josh took the scenic route to Eaze. Educated as a mechanical engineer at Ohio State (Go Bucks!), he started pulling down pay checks as a sales engineer before switching to real estate development, and then finally founding a tech startup. When he isn’t busy coding, he enjoys hurtling himself down mountain bike single track, finding his next favorite whisky, and losing to his kids at board games.

Shannon Support Specialist

Born and raised in San Diego, Shannon worked for years in the mortgage industry, concealing her outgoing personality and tattoos. She brings years of compliance experience to our team along with excellent customer service skills. She is a proud mother and wife. When she isn't at work, you can find her at an art exhibit or camping. Shannon enjoys listening to music and making memories.

Brian Senior Product Manager

Brian originally hails from the east coast, where he grew up in NJ and studied economics at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2010, he jumped into startups by cofounding and running Fitocracy, a fitness social network that grew to over 2M users. He later moved to the Bay Area to work as a VC at 500 Startups and PM at Credit Karma before joining Eaze. In his spare time, Brian enjoys lifting weights, playing guitar with his band, and gaming.

Scott Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Scott started his career in 1996 as the network administrator for a local ISP in Sarasota, FL. Hoping to avoid ever being labeled "Florida Man," he began moving around the country working for companies like AWS and Ticketfly. In December 2017, Scott came to Eaze as a founding member of the Infrastructure team. He currently splits his time between the Bay Area and Illinois. Scott's interests include laughing, making faces, tacos, and whiskey.