The Eaze Guide to Marijuana Topicals

Stay ahead of the game and don’t miss out on topicals that feel as good as they look in your medicine cabinet.

What are marijuana topicals?

Marijuana topicals are balms, creams, roll-on salves, sprays, and even bath salts, all infused with cannabis infusions to fight pain, help with relaxation, and often be eons more effective than similarly priced drugstore pain aids, totally naturally.

Whether you're a smoker, vaper, edibles eater, prefer CBD, or are new to cannabis, marijuana topicals are often overlooked. Stay ahead of the game and take note of these magical products that feel as good as they look in your medicine cabinet.

Unlike most methods of marijuana consumption, topicals do not get you high. Whether you opt for a THC or CBD based topical, the mode of consumption, application to the skin, offers you all of the therapeutic benefits with no mental high. The cannabinoids in the topical do not reach your bloodstream, so the closest to a traditional "high" or what you may expect a high to feel like will be a slight tingling sensation.

Physical ailments from soreness to strain, menstrual cramps, inflammation, headaches, and other physical pains can reportedly be treated with topicals. Depending on preference and your pain location and level, you can go classic with a cream or get a little bit fancy with a balm or soak.

Image of an assortment of marijuana topicals

How do I choose a topical?

Marijuana topicals come in a wide variety of options and can help with many ailments. The best way to know which one is right for you is to read the descriptions on the website or box. Here are some of the topicals available on Eaze:

Lion Balm Roll On

This simple roll on balm is similar to a lip balm or a deodorant in feel but packs a punch with moisturizing shea and cocoa butter. Reportedly best for muscle pain and arthritis, this THC based topical has been loved by its fans for over a decade.

BeTru Body Pain Relief Cream

If you're a natural product lover, topicals need to be integrated into your routine ASAP. This simple cream can be rubbed anywhere to reportedly alleviate up to six hours of pain, whether it's in muscles or joints. With 100mg of CBD per use, this topical can be used in alternative to a cooling patch or other drugstore product.

Papa & Barkely Releaf Balm

Combining THC and CBD, this thick paste-like balm is applied with the fingertips from the tub to your desired area. Melt away pain and discomfort and allow yourself to relax as you heal. See if you can smell the coconut oil! This typically works as well on sore muscles from exercise as it does on painful backs during periods.

Om Edibles Lavender Epsom Salt Mineral Soak

Athletes have been using epsom salts to heal sore muscles for ages. Take that soak to the next level by immersing your body into these THC infused epsom salts. The already relaxing lavender scent will be effective as ever whether you're combating cramps, soreness, or just seeking a physical sense of relaxation. If you don't have time for a full bath, this works just as well as a foot soak after a long day of standing at work.

Image of a woman applying a roll-on marijuana topical

How do I use a topical?

While applying marijuana to your skin may seem strange at first, we suggest you start small and work your way up. Edibles and smoking can take up to two hours to be felt, but the effects of topicals should start to kick in in less than an hour and do not mimic the psychoactive "high" of their cannabis counterparts. Don't rush it and over apply, it won't make anything work faster. Less is definitely more. When in doubt, refer to the individual instructions of your chosen product, for example Lion Balm simply rolls on and can be rubbed (wash your hands), the Om Edibles epsom salt soak's suggested use is one quarter of the package per use poured into warm water.

Topicals are a great entry point into marijuana for skeptics or marijuana newbies. Because of the lack of psychoactive effect, friends and family members who aren't interested in "getting high," can still benefit from the natural effects of topicals. If someone if your life is put off by the smoke, smell, or high of other cannabis products, suggest a topical before they fully rule out the plant or believe any negative stereotypes from back in the day.

We're so quick to go wild with over the counter pain relief, putting plenty of chemicals we've never heard into our bodies for the promise of relief. Next time you aren't feeling so hot, consider going au natural and rubbing a marijuana topical on. You won't regret it.

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