Cyber Monday: The Latest Innovations in Marijuana

Cyber Monday is here, and it’s the perfect time to get the latest and greatest in cannabis technology.

With legalization on the horizon, two California industry powerhouses--tech and marijuana--have come together to innovate in ways that are expanding the possibilities of marijuana products, the benefits going directly to marijuana consumers everywhere. The great American tradition of Cyber Monday is just around the corner, and for the first time these marijuana innovations will be discounted alongside other Internet favorites where they belong, with more to explore than could be conceived of even a decade ago. Even flower devotees are building out their collections with these new approaches to weed, and will reap the financial benefits come Monday.

Eaze has a ton of deals on nearly everything on the site (just in time to plan ahead for the holidays, we might add), but here are the products to look out for that stand out from the rest because of how they take marijuana to the next level:

Image of someone taking out a rose gold vape from their jacket pocket.

Rose Gold Vape Pen by Bloom Farms

Rose Gold automatically makes everything better, doesn't it? It has all the elegance of regular gold but with a pink hue that says, "this isn't your mom's vape pen." Now that we are less confined by the need for discretion, it's a great time to personalize your marijuana use, and Bloom Farms' rose gold vape pen stands out beautifully. Plus, this one comes with a 1-1 CBD-THC cartridge to get you started (and yes, it matches the battery).

Image of someone passing the PAX Era vaporizer to another person.


If you're into optimizing your life by getting all the data about it, then the PAX Era will fit in perfectly with your other devices, like FitBit or the iPhone's Apple Health. Let's just say that if Tesla made a vape, it would look something like this. But instead of step counting, the app it comes with lets you control everything from temperature for preferred oil burn to the color of the LED lights on the battery. It comes with a 1-year warranty, just in case, and Eaze has 10 Pax pod options available on the site so you can start optimizing right away.

Image of someone opening a bottle of Ritual Anytime drops.

Ritual Anytime Drops

We all know that CBD is essentially magic, and mixing it into a sublingual (aka below the tongue) tincture only proves it, because the effects are felt almost immediately. Ritual Anytime Drops are specially blended to help you addressing whatever is ailing you, with a 1:1 CBD-THC mix that takes on anxiety and stress, headaches, and upset stomachs, among other things that get you down. The cinnamon kick makes it an extra nice way to immediately address some of life's little problems.

Image of a woman applying the Papa and Barkeley Releaf Patch to her shoulder

Papa & Barkley Releaf Patch

Take a pass on the pills now that you can get pain relief through what is essentially a sticker on your skin. Papa & Barkely have developed a transdermal patch, meaning you can actually get high and reduce inflammation by applying this directly to your skin. There is no smoking or eating required, and their slow release formula ensures that you'll experience a consistent 12 hours of relief.

Image of chocolate covered blueberries and chocolate espresso beans made by Cloud Confections.

Cloud Bites

Back in the day--like 5 years ago--edibles were something of a crapshoot. Maybe you'd feel nothing, or maybe you'd be glued to the couch after an hour of being sure they didn't work properly. Micro-dosed edibles ensure that the eater knows exactly what they're getting, and at 2mg a pop these chocolate-covered blueberries by Cloud Confections are a great way to inspire or focus without starting off at an intense high.

Whether your preferred method of marijuana consumption involves sleek technology, delicious treats, or anything thereabouts, Cyber Monday is the perfect chance to get in on great deals for awesome marijuana products. And with lowered prices, trying out something new makes a lot of sense, too.

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