Our Mission

Eaze's mission is to improve lives by providing safe, secure access to the highest quality cannabis products at the lowest prices with the utmost convenience.

Our Story

Millions of Americans rely on medical marijuana everyday to treat a variety of ailments. Unfortunately, access to marijuana is extremely limited, making it difficult for many Americans to get marijuana in a safe and reliable way.

We started Eaze in July 2014 to provide safe, convenient and affordable access to marijuana. Our technology connects hundreds of thousands of people with certified doctors and dispensaries, allowing them to get marijuana delivered quickly, wherever they are. We're committed to changing the conversation around marijuana and to show just how easily marijuana can integrate into your lifestyle. See how we create a lifestyle brand in our Eaze brand guidelines.

As the leading cannabis technology company, we recognize the role we have in driving forward the industry and strive to help regulators, dispensaries, manufacturers, and industry partners in their mission. Through the Eaze technology platform, we anonymize and openly share our data—helping regulators craft sensible legislation, assisting brands in identifying customer preferences, and elevating the cannabis ecosystem as a whole through data-driven insights.

At Eaze we care deeply about the communities in which we operate. We give back through charitable contributions to community organizations and work to protect the environment through carbon offsets and other efforts. We support and match our partners’ charitable initiatives, and we’re proud to sponsor and participate in key community organizations: